Happy Holidays

What can I say, 2013 was a busy year for me! Not only did I welcome to the world my second son, Isaac, in January, I also travelled to many different places, fiddle in hand and musicians in tow, to give shows in Acadie, USA and France. With the holidays just around the corner, I find myself particularly happy. In my neck of the woods, which is, might I add, covered in beautiful snowy blanket, I am surrounded with family and friends to celebrate my favourite time of the year. Already, I can see the immense pleasure I will have reliving the magic of the holidays through the eyes of my two beautiful sons, Emerik and Isaac.
I cannot tell you how very grateful I am to all of you who support me and make even my craziest dreams come true. Without your support, I would not be the artist I am today. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all your messages, for attending my shows and for buying my albums. I wish you all very happy holidays and a happy new year that will bring you peace, happiness, health and love. Hope to see you in 2014!